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Wedding Bouquet Preservation

You can cherish memories from your wedding day forever with my wedding bouquet preservation service.  Rather than throw away your wedding flowers, I can transform them into a framed work of art work. The process is simple -  send me your flowers through the post the day after the wedding, wait 6-8 weeks for the flowers to press naturally in my traditional flower presses and we can then discuss how you would like me to display your flowers. I can recreate the wedding bouquet or display your flowers in a modern collage style.

Pressed Wedding Bouquet
Pressed Wedding Bouquet - small copper frame


Simply contact me with your wedding date before purchasing this item so I can book you a slot with my flower presses. I am limited in the number of wedding bouquets that I can press each month but I will endeavour to fit in with you.

I will take a deposit of £50 to secure your space and then the remaining balance will be invoiced shortly before your wedding. The remaining balance (£110-225) will depend on your choice of frame (see Frame Options in FAQs).

Please note that you will need to pay the cost of sending the flowers to me by Royal Mail Next Day Delivery.

Pay A Deposit - click button below

Once you have ordered, I will send you detailed packing instructions so that your bouquet arrives in the best possible condition. You will need to send the bouquet as soon as possible after your big day, e.g. on Monday morning if your wedding is on a Saturday.

Large pressed Flower Bouquet
Large bouquet with brass frame.

Once I have received your flowers, I will carefully press them  which can take up to 8 weeks. Once out of the press, I will send you photos of the proposed layout for your flower picture so that we can create exactly what you are looking for before any flowers are permanently fixed in place.

You will receive your completed frame via Royal Mail Tracked delivery.

preserved wedding flowers
Preserved wedding flowers (small square wood frame)


wedding flower collage
Large collage style in wooden frame (A2 size)

Wedding Bouquet Preservation FAQ

How long will the picture last?

A well cared for frame should last for decades. Please remember that this is a natural product and flower colours may fade or brown naturally over time. The flowers are pressed without using chemicals and therefore will change over the years.

To help them stay their best, keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources or moisture.

Which flowers can be pressed?
Generally speaking, more brightly coloured flowers retain their colours best. Most flower colours will turn a darker shade when pressed so red rose petals will turn dark red. White flowers are hardest to press but if the flowers are in good condition the best results can be achieved. Very bulky flowers or fleshy flowers are difficult to press but can be taken apart and then reassembled to make pressing easier.

Are there any other costs?

The price includes my time and experience preserving your flowers, as well as creating your keepsake. You cover the cost of posting the flowers to me by Royal Mail Special Delivery. I will send your frame to you by the same method at no extra cost to you.

How long will it take for us to receive my final design?

You can look forward to receiving your picture 8-10 weeks from the date that I receive the flowers. This may be longer during busier times.

How do we reserve our wedding date with you?

Please send me a message asking if I have availability for your wedding date. The spaces I offer each month are limited due to space and spending quality time on each piece I design. If I confirm I do have availability, then please go ahead and pay the deposit.

Sending the flowers.
I will send you my instructions for packing and sending your flowers to me when you have paid your deposit. I recommend sending by Royal Mail Special Delivery. It is usually easier to send the bouquet as a whole (as it can be protected better and move around less) than pulling out individual flowers and wrapping them to send.

Looking after your bouquet before sending.
Please keep the flower stems in water until you pack them up and make sure the flowers don't come into contact with any water.

Can we drop our flowers off to you?

Yes! You’re very welcome to arrange a time with me to drop off your flowers if you’re local to me. My home studio is in Wymondham, Norfolk.

Will my finished picture look just like my bouquet?

Due to possible natural changes in colour due to the drying process they will look different.
Flowers take on a more paper-like appearance when dried as all their moisture content has been removed.

I will create a design that works best for the frame and flowers using my experience and creative talent. Some flowers may not dry well, it is all dependent on type of flower and condition I receive them in. If any flowers are brown I will not use them in the frame and will discard them.

Frame Options & Pricing

Small Glass frame with a copper finish - a double glass floating frame (no backing); 25 cm tall x 31 cm wide; £160
Large Glass frame with an antique brass finish - a double glass floating frame (no backing); 29 cm tall x 36 cm wide £190 (Suitable for large bouquets)
Square wooden frame - available in light oak, black or white; 30cm x 30 cm; £160
Rectangular wooden frame - available in light oak, black or white; 35 cm x 28 cm;£190
Large rectangular wooden frame - available in black, white or natural; 59 cm x 46 cm (A2 size); £275 Please note that due to the size of this frame, it has a clear acrylic front rather than a glass front.

If you have any other questions please send me a message!

Jane xx