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Why Homegrown Flowers?

There are so many reasons why I love to grow my own flowers.

Homegrown flowers have not travelled vast distances around the world, they haven't been sprayed with chemicals to make them last longer, they retain their natural characteristics and scent and they haven't used people in poor working conditions to pick them on vast flower farms.

You can get varieties of flower that you can't get at the florist or supermarket, you can grow the flowers that you love, and that match your interior decor, all for a fraction of the cost of buying them.

homegrown flowers
Early Spring posy featuring flowers you won't find in the supermarket

Growing flowers from seed can be extremely rewarding and will keep you in touch with the seasons in your garden. The bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects visiting your flowers will love you for it and so will any friends or family who receive flowers from you.

Once you start growing your own flowers, you'll be hooked and will never look at flowers from the supermarket in quite the same way again.

homegrown flowers
A vase of May flowers - Tulips, Borage, Forget-me-nots & Bluebells

And it doesn't end there! You can preserve your homegrown flowers by pressing them or drying them. You can harvest seed heads for winter display, make your own door wreaths, use them as edible flowers in cooking, make your own pot pourri - the list is endless!

Seed headsDried seed heads


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