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Flower Pressing Tips

Follow my simple flower pressing tips to ensure that your flowers press beautifully and retain their colour.

Most importantly, always ensure that your flowers are completely dry before pressing. Wet petals will not press successfully and will go brown. If you are picking garden flowers, only pick on a dry day, preferably later in the day so that any morning dew has had a chance to dry.

how to press flowers
Pressing flowers on blotting paper

Make sure your flowers are fresh and unblemished. Fresh flowers retain their colour and form better during the pressing process.

Use blotting paper to sandwich the flowers between, rather than kitchen paper which may have bumps on the surface which will then show up on your pressed flowers. Blotting paper is also excellent for soaking up moisture from the flowers quickly, ensuring that they dry quickly without browning.

pressed flower advice
Use fresh, dry flowers

When using a flower press, layers of cardboard are used between the blotting paper layers, ensure this is smooth rather than corrugated which again can lead to unsightly ridges on delicate petals.

For large flowers heads, such as roses, dahlias and hydrangeas, separate out the petals or bracts and press individually, rather than trying to press the whole flower.

Press flower petals of a similar thickness on each layer so that any thicker flower heads (e.g. zinnias) are all pressed together, this will ensure a tight fit for each layer and better results.

flower press
Using a flower press

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